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Meet the characters of BLACKOUT: part 1

BLACKOUT has a very interesting cast of characters, some you might recognise from the history books…


Gruppenführer Heydrich

Know to history as perhaps the most dangerous figure at the heart of the Nazi regime, the sinister Heydrich headed both the Gestapo and the Kripo – and was architect of persecutions including Kristallnacht and the ‘Final Solution’.


Oberführer ‘Gestapo’ Müller

Müller’s real-life nickname shows how devoted he was to his work. A former policeman who rose high in the ranks of the SS, Müller had a reputation for discipline and efficiency. His orders to Schenke are to be carried out without question.


Admiral Canaris

The real-life Chief of German Military Intelligence from 1935, Canaris oversaw all clandestine war work in Berlin. Though he might have seemed sociable, he was an expert in knowing more than he let on – and, like all good liars, was not a man you’d want to cross.